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Don’t pay more than what you need for energy. Make sure you understand what your bills are telling you, and where you are using the energy at home. Also, by taking the time to compare energy contracts, to check out whether you have any concessions available to you, and by managing your payments, you could save $$.

In South Australia we have the option to choose which electricity and gas provider we want to connect to. We can also choose from a range of price plans offered by each provider. Compare the current energy contracts available from energy providers in South Australia by visiting the Australian Government's Energy Made Easy website, or by calling 1300 585 165.

Understand Your Energy Bill

Understanding your energy bill will help you manage and use energy more efficiently.  Read more about understanding your energy bill at www.energymadeeasy.gov.au/get-energy-smart/energy-bills.

Know How You Use Energy

A home energy audit will help you to understand where you use energy at home and where you may be able to make savings.

Online Audit

The Government of South Australia’s website has online energy audits for ‘Heating and cooling’,‘Water heating’, ‘Home appliances', 'Stand-by power’, ‘Fridges and freezers’, 'Kitchen appliances' and ‘Lighting’. Each section should take less than 10 minutes to complete.

Home Energy Toolkit

If you would like to do a more detailed home energy audit you can borrow a Home Energy Toolkit from most public libraries in South Australia, including the Campbelltown Public Library. The toolkit contains a detailed guide and a range of items to help you carry out your audit.

Adapted from the Government of South Australia, Check your home energy use - home energy audit. Sourced on 16 September 2019, sa.gov.au/energy

Get a Professional Home Energy Audit

For low income households:

Low income households in South Australia may be eligible for a free energy audit from energy providers participating in the South Australian government's Residential Energy Efficiency Scheme (REES). Contact any of the obliged retailers or third party contractors who deliver these audits to find out if they are currently offering free home energy audits.

For other households:

Check with your energy provider to see if they offer audits to their customers in your area. 

You can also contact the third party contractors delivering audits through REES to see if there are any audit offers currently available. 

There are a number of businesses that provide home energy audits to households in South Australia, these can be found online or in telephone directories.


Compare the current energy contracts available from energy providers in South Australia by visiting the Australian Government's Energy Made Easy website, or by calling 1300 585 165.

You will need a recent electricity or gas bill. For best results use your last four bills, which will cover your energy use for all seasons.

Depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible for a concession to reduce your energy bills:

  • Low income

    To help with the cost of energy bills, a state government concession of up to $165 is available to eligible South Australians on low or fixed incomes. 

  • Medical heating and cooling

    If you have a medical condition affected by temperature you may be eligible for a medical heating and cooling concession, for up to $165.  It is available to eligible applicants in addition to the current energy concession.

Adapted from the Government of South Australia, Energy concessions. Sourced on 16 September 2019, sa.gov.au/energy

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