Murray Park


Council has locked all the pedestrian gates open at Murray Park Oval and acknowledge that this has created a number of concerns from the community.

You may now be aware that Council has locked all the pedestrian gates open and acknowledge that this has created a number of concerns from the community in particular, “dog owners have been using this Park as their de-facto dog park area”.

Over the last 18 months to 2 years there has been a number of complaints about the fact that dog owners have been using this park to exercise their dogs off lead.  Murray Park Oval is a multi-use oval used for formal sport (where users are required to pay fees) as well as casual use by a range of people, including families who use the playground. 

Council’s Animal Management Plan allows for people to use most of Council’s open spaces for walking and exercising their dogs in a responsible manner including having the dogs off lead provided the animals are under the effective control of their owners at all times. Unfortunately, the level of complaints about dog owners use of the park, combined with staff observations and the challenges Council has to maintain the reserve to meet the required standard levels for sport and other uses, have led Council staff to form the opinion that a significant percentage of dog owners were not maintaining effective control of their animals and were viewing the park as a de-facto dog park due to the high level of security afforded by the fencing and gates.

Last year signs were put up at the park's pedestrian entrances to remind people of their obligations concerning having their animals under effective control at all times and the fact that Murray Park Oval is not a Dog Park.  Unfortunately, there does not appear to have been a noticeable change with regard to the use of the park and it is apparent that many dog owners have not been maintaining effective control of their animals.  In an attempt to accommodate all users of the park staff have determined that reducing the level of security associated with the oval will encourage dog owners to maintain effective control of their dogs, as well as allow other users to continue to enjoy the park.   

Padlocking the gates open is a temporary measure and Council Staff are currently investigating alternative solutions to support users of these spaces and responsible dog owners and will be presenting a report to Council to outline the issues associated with the Park and seeking direction on the future use of the facility. 

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