Hazardous Waste


Household Hazardous Waste Depot

Collection TableZero Waste provides a Hazardous Waste Disposal Service for households FREE of charge. All waste received by the hazardous waste depot is sorted to identify the most appropriate recycling, treatment or disposal option.

The normal opening hours of the depot are between 9.00 am and 12 noon on the first Tuesday of the month. This service is only available to householders and farmers. The depot will not accept wastes from businesses.

The depot is located at the corner of Magazine Road and Henschke Street, Dry Creek. For further information, please visit the Green Industries website.

Zero Waste SA will accept:
  • pesticides / insecticides / herbicides
  • solvents (eg. thinners)
  • acids / alkalis
  • paints / varnishes / stains
  • waste oil, motor oil, coolants
  • pharmaceuticals 
  • pool chemicals - photographic chemicals
  • other household chemicals
  • batteries (nickel/cadmium, mercury, lithium, lead/acid)
  • LPG gas cylinders (that hold up to 9.0 kg of gas)
  • fluorescent light globes (including compact fluorescent light globes)
Zero Waste SA will not accept:
  • explosives, ammunition, boat flares (contact local police station) 
  • pressurised gas cylinders (contact EPA)
  • radioactive materials (contact radiation unit on 8130 0707)
  • asbestos (contact EPA)
  • tyres

You can also take waste paint to the Cleanaway site (20 George St, Wingfield) as part of the Paintback scheme between 9am and 2pm weekdays. Download the Paintback information(92 kb) for what is and is not acceptable to take.

Hazardous Waste Recycling Options


Householders can drop off used motor oils at any time and at no cost at the Newton Transfer Station, Virginia Road, Newton (Ph: 8365 0025). This service is provided FREE to Campbelltown Council residents in an effort to remove waste oil from the waste stream and reduce the leachate problem associated with waste oil in landfills.  Once properly collected, the oil may be refined for re-use.  Please bring oil in a clean, plastic container with a lid. Avoid using paint cans or other metal containers.

For more oil recycling locations, please visit


Batteries are made from heavy metals and harmful elements such as nickel, cadmium, lead and mercury.

Householders can bring lithium and other types of hand -held batteries (excluding alkaline and car batteries) to Council Office, Campbelltown Library or Battery World (Ph: 13 17 60) for recycling. Both rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries can be recycled. Domestic quantities will be accepted at no charge. Commercial quantities will attract a fee.

Car batteries can be recycled via our scrap metal collection service.

For more battery recycling locations, please visit


Paint is only hazardous when it is wet. Dry paint is safe to dispose of in your waste bin with the paint tin lid removed. Avoid wasting paint by carefully calculating the right amount of paint to buy or giving the paint to someone who can use it. Harden excess paint by:

  • Leaving the lid off the can and set it out to dry. 
  • Pour the paint on cardboard or newspaper in a thin layer and let it dry.
  • Mix in equal parts of kitty litter, sand, saw dust or any other absorbent material and let dry.
  • Purchasing a paint hardener from a local hardware or paint store.
Light Globes

SA householders can drop off end of life globes at the checkout counter of any Mitre 10, Banner or True Value hardware stores for recycling.  Suitable globes include fluorescent and CFL lamps and tubes, halogen lamps, tubes and bulbs and incandescent globes. For further information on the recycling of fluorescent globes, visit our FluoroCycle page.

Gas Bottles

Gas bottles can be disposed of at Pooraka Waste Transfer Station, 61 Research Road, Pooraka 5095. For more information call (08) 8406 8392.

Download The Truth About Hazardous Waste Items - Zero Waste Fact Sheet(751 kb) for information on disposal of hazardous items.

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