Easter - No Casual Shots

16 April 2019

Please be advised there will be NO casual shots over the Easter Long weekend due to the Easter Classic Basketball Carnival. Casual shots will recommence Tuesday 23 April - please remember to call ahead to check court space on 83669350.

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Easter - Carpark Warning

15 April 2019

Please be advised The ARC carpark may be busier than usual over the Easter long weekend due to the Easter Classic Basketball Tournament. Please allow plenty of time to find a carpark.

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Infant/Toddler Program

Our infant and toddler classes aim to promote water confidence and familiarisation by using a range of educational songs, games and activities.  A parent or guardian is required to enter the water with the student for the duration of the class. We recommend that adults wear a loose t-shirt or rash top over their bathers, as it gives your baby something to grip and hold.

Infant (6-15 months): Seahorse

ARC Learn to Swim Program - SeahorseMaximum number of students:  8
Duration: 30 minutes
Age: 6 – 15 months

  • Safe entry and exit with carer
  • Experience getting head and face wet
  • Experience preparation for submersion using cue words
  • Experience a range of movement through water with carer assistance
  • Demonstrate readiness for submersion
  • Experience arm and leg motions on front and back
  • Float on back on carer’s shoulder

Toddler 1 (15-30 months): Flying Fish

ARC Learn to Swim Program - Flying FishMaximum number of students: 8
Duration: 30 minutes
15 – 30 months

  • Safe entry into water with cue from carer, with assistance to return to wall
  • "Monkey" along the wall, with assistance
  • Basic bubble blowing on surface and attempt underneath surface
  • Experience basic submersion towards carer
  • Reach for objects in water and pull arms through water with assistance
  • Basic kicking with carer assistance
  • Float on back with assistance

Toddler 2 (24-36 months): Clownfish

ARC Learn to Swim Program - Clown FishMaximum number of students: 8
 30 minutes
24 – 36 months (advanced)

  • Slide in entry with assistance
  • Jump in and return to wall with assistance
  • Climb out at wall safely without assistance
  • Bubble blowing with face fully submerged
  • Submerge and recover with assistance
  • Float on back with minimal assistance
  • Initiate arm and leg actions on front and back without carer assistance



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Public Holidays
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