Preschool Program

Our caring and qualified teachers will help guide students through our structured levels at their own pace. Classes incorporate water familiarisation, water safety skills and stroke development.

PRESCHOOL 1: JUNIOR OCTOPUSARC Learn to Swim Program - Junior Octopus

Maximum number of students: 4
30 minutes
Ability: This class is an introduction for non swimmers aged 3 to 5 years that are experiencing lessons for the first time without a parent or caregiver in the water. Swimmers wear a floatation backpack for certain activities in this class to encourage independence.


  • Slide in entry
  • Face wet and blowing bubbles
  • Submerge underwater and identify object
  • Front and back floats with assistance
  • Push and glide off wall on front with board
  • Jump into deep water and swim back to wall with assistance

PRESCHOOL 2: JUNIOR FROGARC Learn to Swim Program - Junior Frog

Maximum number of students:  4
 30 minutes
Once children have completed the basic water confidence and mobility skills in Junior Octopus, they progress to the Junior Frog class.  This class focuses on further developing water confidence and survival skills, and gives an introduction to sculling and freestyle arms.


  • 5m torpedo
  • 5m basic freestyle arms (with board and no breathing)
  • Push and glide off wall on back
  • 5m confident back kick with straight legs (no board)
  • Front and back floats without assistance
  • Introduction to sculling arm action
  • Submerge and pick up object