Infant/Toddler Program

Our infant and toddler classes aim to promote water confidence and familiarisation by using a range of educational songs, games and activities.  A parent or guardian is required to enter the water with the student for the duration of the class. We recommend that adults wear a loose t-shirt or rash top over their bathers, as it gives your baby something to grip and hold.

INFANT: SEAHORSEARC Learn to Swim Program - Seahorse

Maximum number of students:  8
 30 minutes
6 – 15 months


  • Safe entry and exit with carer
  • Experience getting head and face wet
  • Experience preparation for submersion using cue words
  • Experience a range of movement through water with carer assistance
  • Demonstrate readiness for submersion
  • Experience arm and leg motions on front and back
  • Float on back on carer’s shoulder

TODDLER 1: FLYING FISHARC Learn to Swim Program - Flying Fish

Maximum number of students:  8
Duration: 30 minutes
15 – 30 months


  • Safe entry into water with cue from carer, with assistance to return to wall
  • "Monkey" along the wall, with assistance
  • Basic bubble blowing on surface and attempt underneath surface
  • Experience basic submersion towards carer
  • Reach for objects in water and pull arms through water with assistance
  • Basic kicking with carer assistance
  • Float on back with assistance

TODDLER 2: CLOWNFISHARC Learn to Swim Program - Clown Fish

Maximum number of students:  8
 30 minutes
24 – 36 months (advanced)


  • Slide in entry with assistance
  • Jump in and return to wall with assistance
  • Climb out at wall safely without assistance
  • Bubble blowing with face fully submerged
  • Submerge and recover with assistance
  • Float on back with minimal assistance
  • Initiate arm and leg actions on front and back without carer assistance