Recent Engagements


Council has consulted with the community on a range of projects over the past 12 months. 

Accommodating Larger Dogs at Four Paws Dog park at Denis Morrissey Park

Council has recently undertaken a two stage consultation process. Stage 1 involved speaking directly with Residents neighbouring Denis Morrissey Park in December 2018. Stage 2 included a broader consultation process providing opportunities for feedback from the Campbelltown City Council community in January/February 2019. This feedback is currently being collated and and will be presented to Council at the Council Meeting to be held on Tuesday 5 March 2019.  

Brookside Cellars

Council has recently undertaken a closed consultation with residents close to the facility regarding potential future use of Brookside Cellars (previously Tranmere Sea Scouts hall).  Letters and door knocking with residents most likely to be affected by future use of the facility to gather their feedback about the proposed ideas has occurred and the results are being reported to Council in Item 11.13D of Council Agenda - 18 December 2018.pdf(6441 kb) 

Christmas Parade/Carols

Council staff obtained direct feedback at the Christmas Parade from audience members about the Carols in the Park program that takes place annually in partnership with the Athelstone Lions Club.  Feedback gathered will be utilised for planning of the 2019 event.

Campbelltown Library Services Survey

Council consulted on the Campbelltown Library opening hours and program offerings. Thank you to everyone that completed a survey or provided other feedback on this topic; a report will now be prepared and provided to Council for consideration after the conclusion of the Council elections.

Proposed Thorndon Park Miniature Train

Council consulted the community in July/August 2018 to find out what people thought about establishing a miniature train at Thorndon Park. 723 people responded to the consultation (636 of them were residents and ratepayers).  From the resident/ratepayer responses, 

  • 56% of people (45% within walking distance to the park) supported the train proposal
  • 57% of people (64% within walking distance) opposed Council fully funding the project

As a result of the consultation, Council decided to go ahead with the project subject to Paradise Railway Club Incorporated raising all funds required to complete the installation above the $135,000 already committed by Council in previous budget decisions.

Thank you to everyone that completed a survey or provided other feedback on this topic; to view the report presented to Council on the outcomes to the consultation click here (go to Item 11.4, page 209).

Roaming Cats

Council consulted the community in July/August 2018 to find out if there is an issue with nuisance cats in the local area. 

On Tuesday 22 January, Council received a report on the Roaming Cats Community Engagement. After considering the Report and feedback from the community, Council requested Staff to:

  1. support State Government agencies if requested, to manage the feral cat population in its areas of responsibility (eg local Conservation Parks and along the River Torrens Linear Park),
  2. continue to work with appropriate organisations (eg C.A.T.S) to manage the unhomed and feral cat population in identified problem locations, Council creeks and drainage reserve areas,
  3. proceed with the establishment of a Cat by law (including cat confinement) and with Council to be updated on the progress, as per the Community feedback which shows that there are concerns about roaming cats in the Council area and generally support Council  providing regulatory control, and
  4. undertake a Community education campaign using existing Council resources on topics proposed in the Council report.

To read the Council report and Community Engagement Outcomes Report, please access the January 22 2019 Council Meeting Agenda(25.2 Mb) and scroll to Item 11.4 (page 93).

Draft Reconciliation Action Plan 2018-2020

Council recently consulted the community about its Reconciliation Action Plan that has been developed in conjunction with Reconciliation Australia and Council's Reconciliation Advisory Committee.  Thank you to everyone who sent in feedback; Staff will now consider how to incorporate this feedback before putting the Plan back to the Committee and Council for consideration after the conclusion of the Council elections.

Play Equipment - Campbelltown Memorial Oval, Paradise

Council recently sought ideas from the community on play equipment to be installed as part of the Campbelltown Memorial Oval Redevelopment (click here for further information on the redevelopment). The community will again be invited to participate by providing feedback on a draft concept plan prepared in consideration of the ideas put forward. It is anticipated that this further consultation will take place in July 2018.

Draft 2018/2019 Annual Business Plan and Budget

Council annually seeks feedback from the Community on its plan and budget for the following financial year. The engagement with the community on Council's Draft 2018/2019 Plan and Budget was conducted in May and the outcomes were presented to Council for consideration at its meeting on 5 June 2018 (click here and go to Item 11.5, page 181 to view the report).

Thank you to everyone who sent in feedback via a survey or email and to all who attended the Public Meeting to discuss the contents of the Plan and Budget.  Council's adopted Annual Business Plan and Budget is available here.

Draft Economic Development Plan 2020

Council sought feedback from the local Community, including businesses, on its Draft Economic Development Plan 2020. At its meeting on 17 April 2018, Council considered the feedback from 76 surveys, four written submissions and one verbal response. With general support for the direction of the Plan, including the action plan, Council adopted the plan with some minor changes to strengthen the connection between environmental protection and economic development; strengthen the connection with ERA (Eastern Region Alliance) economic development priorities; and, to highlight Council’s commitment to protecting the City’s character.

REPORT: To view the report presented to Council on the outcomes to the consultation click here (go to Item 11.7, page 191).
ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT PLAN 2020: To view the Plan click here.

Draft Waste Management, Multicultural and Whistleblowers Policies

In March 2018 Council invited the Community to comment on the following draft policies.

• Waste Management Policy (new)
• Multicultural Policy (new)
• Whistleblowers Policy (revised)

Council considered the feedback received (approximately 50 responses to each of the policies) and adopted the Whistleblowers Policy and Waste Management Policy without any further changes. Council also adopted the Multicultural Policy with minor amendments  to provide clarification. Although only minor changes were made to one of the policies, the feedback overall identified a number of areas that will be considered for future investigation and action as appropriate. Thank you to everyone who assisted Council in finalising these policies.

REPORT: To view the report presented to Council on the outcomes to the consultation click here (go to Item 11.8, page 271).

Policy Consultations

Council regularly reviews its policies, and in doing so, invites you to have your say on any proposed policy amendments, prior to adopting these policies.  Policies are presented for your review in batches (usually by Department) and feedback received is reported to Council for consideration after the close of the consultation for each batch. Refer to the Current Engagement page for details about current opportunities.

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