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After an extensive consultation process, on 5 August 2014 Council resolved to adopt the Thorndon Park Master Plan which will guide the development of this beautiful regional park over the coming years.

Thorndon Park Master Plan - at a glance
Thorndon Park Master Plan FINAL - overview map only(10779 kb)

Thorndon Park Master Plan - in full
Thorndon Park Master Plan - pp 1-23(2387 kb)
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Council implemented a participatory four stage community engagement process over a two year period to ensure community involvement in all stages in the preparation of the Master Plan for Thorndon Park. 

Below you can read about our journey with the community to prepare this Master Plan.  

Stage 1: Develop a shared vision for the Park
Stage 2: Develop several concept plan options based on the vision 
Stage 3: Identify the preferred concept plan
Stage 4: Draft Thorndon Park Master Plan - Did we get it right?

STAGE 1: A Shared Vision

During Stage 1 you were asked what you thought was good and not-so-good about Thorndon Park.  Council sought the words to describe how you feel about Thorndon Park. Your feedback was considered by Council at its meeting on 21 February 2012 and the following vision and mission were approved for Thorndon Park. 

Thorndon Park:  a regional park in a natural setting providing quality experiences for people of all ages and abilities.
To preserve, maintain and enhance Thorndon Park for generations to come.

The feedback was also used to inform the parameters, principles and constraints in the preparation of Concept Plan options in Stage 2.

STAGE 2: Develop several concept plan options based on the vision

Thorndon Park Master Plan - engagement activity at Campbelltown CelebratesDuring Stage 2 members of the community worked with architects and planners to develop the directions for several Concept Plan options.  The vision, mission, feedback from Stage 1 and concept plan requirements guided the development of these plans. 

On Sunday 1 April 2012 at Campbelltown Celebrates at Thorndon Park members of the community had an opportunity to HAVE YOUR SAY on opportunities and possibilities put forward by the community to date for Thorndon Park.  Thank you to everyone who participated in this activity.  Feedback from the day was considered during the development of the concept plan options.

On 21 August, Council considered the feedback and suggestions from the Community that assisted in the development of three Concept Plan Options, and resolved to endorse the three Thorndon Park Master Plan Concept Plan options, as presented, for the purpose of public consultation (Stage 3).

Stage 2 - Community Engagement Outcomes Report - Council Agenda - 21 August 2012(111 kb)
Attachment 1 - Design Principles and Parameters for Master Plan(93 kb)
Attachment 2 - Charrette Notes(4553 kb)
Attachment 3 - Youth Advisory Committee Feedback(90 kb)
Attachment 4 - Talking Point at Campbelltown Celebrates Outcomes(191 kb)
Attachment 5 - Critique of draft concept plans(231 kb)

See Stage 3 below for Attachments 6, 7 and 8 - the three Concept Plan Options presented to the Community for feedback in Stage 3.

STAGE 3: Identify the preferred concept plan

At its meeting of 18 December 2012 Council considered the feedback received during Stage 3 and resolved to:

“use Concept Plan 2 as the basis to develop the Thorndon Park Precinct Master Plan, with the following changes:

  • Relocation of the Teenage Adventure Playground to another location away from the children’s playground and picnic areas;  
  • Inclusion of water play and wading pool – ensuring a component of the water play is suitable for persons of all abilities (including those in a wheelchair);  
  • Additional shade structures over the barbecues and picnic tables that are not under trees;  
  • Inclusion of outcomes to the investigations on proposed traffic flow changes, opening of Jon Street, and the commercial/retail mix on Hamilton Terrace;
  • Inclusion of treatment to Hamilton Terrace to enhance the pedestrian realm, regardless of any change in the traffic flow proposal as a result of the further investigation;
  • Inclusion of other suggested improvements that do not detract from the key direction provided in Concept Plan 2, such as improved toilets for persons with a disability that includes adult changing facilities, provision of an environmentally friendly accessible toilet near the water tower, extension to the perimeter walking track, etc;
  • The carpark is not to be extended as detailed by Element 16;  

and once the Plan has been developed that Staff convene a CEO Briefing Session for Members to discuss the draft Concept Plan prior to it being considered by Council.”

Further design work was undertaken to Concept Plan 2 to address these changes. Elected Members then participated in a briefing session with the consultant, undertook a site tour of the Park and workshopped the draft elements of the Plan further to enable the draft Master Plan to be prepared.  Council at it's meeting of 3 June 2014 endorsed the draft Thorndon Park Master Plan for the purpose of public consultation (Stage 4).

Stage 3 - Community Engagement Outcomes Report - Council Agenda - 18 December 2012(151 kb)
Attachment 1 - Email from Dept Environment, Water and Natural Resources(222 kb)
Attachment 2 - Dept Environ Water and Natural Res - Thorndon Park Offer and acceptance(1841 kb)
Attachment 3 - Thorndon Park - CE Outcomes Stage 3 Concept Plan Options - Part A(1377 kb)
Attachment 4 - Thorndon Park - CE Outcomes Stage 3 Concept Plan Options - Part B(2753 kb)
Attachment 5 - Concept Plan Option 1(2004 kb)
Attachment 6 - Concept Plan Option 2(2604 kb)
Attachment 7 - Concept Plan Option 3(3016 kb)

(or download attachments 5, 6 and 7 in the one document Thorndon Park - Concept Plan Options 1, 2 & 3(4698 kb)

Stage 4: Draft Thorndon Park Master Plan - Did we get it right?

The draft Master Plan was presented to the community for feedback in June/July 2014. A report on the outcomes to the consultation was presented to Council for consideration on Tuesday 5 August 2014. It was resolved that:

  1. Council adopt the Thorndon Park Master Plan as presented
  2. the adopted Thorndon Park Master Plan be sent to the State Government advising that future improvements at Thorndon Park by Council will be guided by this Plan
  3. Community awareness be raised regarding works being undertaken at Thorndon Park in 2014/2015 
  4. Council consider elements of the Master Plan through future budget processes.

Council Agenda - 5 August 2014 - Report Draft Thorndon Park Master Plan(113 kb)
Attachment 1 - Stage 4 Community Engagement Outcomes(599 kb)

Works to be undertaken in 2014/2015 include improvements to the existing toilet facilities, perimeter path, surface of the children's playground and pergola at the front of the kiosk.

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