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Development Plan

A development plan is a statutory policy document which guides the type of development that can occur within a council area. Planners use development plans to assess development applications. Each council area has a development plan specifically related to that area.

Download a full copy of the Campbelltown Council Development Plan - Consolidated 16 January 2018.

Residential (Limited Scope) Development Plan Amendment

The Residential (Limited Scope) Development Plan Amendment Consultation has now closed.

Proposed Planning Changes

Campbelltown City Council has prepared a Residential (Limited Scope) Development Plan Amendment (DPA).

The DPA seeks to promote enhanced medium density developments within the Council area. 

What is a Development Plan Amendment?

Development plans contain the planning controls that guide what can and cannot be developed in council areas. Planning authorities use these planning controls to assess new development proposals.

A development plan amendment (DPA) is a document that describes proposed changes to a development plan.

DPAs must be prepared according to certain processes set out by legislation (the Development Act 1993 and associated Regulations).

What Changes Are Being Proposed?

The Residential (Limited Scope) Development Plan Amendment (DPA) proposes to amend the Campbelltown Council Development Plan. In particular it will:

  • Increase the minimum site areas for residential flat buildings and row dwellings from 150 or 200 square metres to 250 square metres
  • Increase frontages and rear and side setbacks for row dwellings, group dwellings and residential flat buildings
  • Introduce new general residential policies that guide the provision of storage, and the provision and design of on-site car parking
  • Clarify the procedure for measuring the distance from major shopping centres and transport routes
  • Change in assessing the site areas for residential flat building with the driveways now excluded
  • Designate Category 2 public notification for all developments involving two storey residential flat buildings
  • Update and correct the local and state heritage places to remove buildings that no longer exist.

Prior to 2014 Council identified a need for a diversity of housing types and the Development Plan was amended to facilitate this. Since that amendment was approved some areas of the Council have experienced significant residential growth and transition from low density to medium density developments, particularly in the form of row dwellings and residential flat buildings.

Council desires to continue to promote quality medium density outcomes in accordance with the 30-Year Plan for Greater Adelaide (2017 Update). However, within the previous 4 years, Council has had the benefit of testing its existing Development Plan policies. Several areas of development assessment policy continue to be identified by the staff, community and developers that require review to address the issues such as impact on amenity and neighbourhood character arising through medium density residential infill under the current Development Plan.

The intent of the targeted amendments in this DPA will continue to promote medium density developments, while ensuring that the provisions adequately reflect the community’s desire for managing development impacts. The DPA recalibrates Development Plan policies, including policies relating to minimum site areas for residential flat buildings and row dwellings, minimum car parking standards and side and rear setbacks, particularly for upper levels.

Area Affected by the Proposed DPA

2019 DPA Map

Public Information Evening

A Public Information Evening was held on Thursday 4 April 2019, 6pm at the Campbelltown Function Centre, 172 Montacute Road, Rostrevor.

Public Consultation Period

The proposed DPA was under consultation for eight weeks from Thursday 28 March 2019 to Friday 24 May 2019 and a public meeting was held on the 30 May 2019 to hear verbal submissions

What Happens Next?

Following the public consultation period, the Council has the option of proceeding with, proposing to amend, or declining to proceed further with its DPA.

Council must prepare a report for the Minister on the matters raised during the consultation.

If the council proposes to make substantial changes to the DPA following the public consultation and hearing, the DPA may require a second public consultation process. This would need to be discussed with the Minister.

The Minister then considers the matters and makes a decision to either:

  • approve the DPA as released for consultation, or
  • approve the DPA with changes, or
  • not approve the DPA.

If the Minister approves the DPA, notice is given in the South Australian Government Gazette and the Development Plan is amended accordingly.

Further Information

The DPA has been prepared before the introduction of the State’s Planning and Design Code (Code). The Code that replaces Council’s Development Plan will come into effect from July 2020. If you are interested, further information on the state wide planning reforms are available at

Further queries regarding the DPA can be directed can be directed to Jodie on 8366 9287 or at

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