Gold Membership

Membership Benefits

  • Unlimited access to ARC Gym
  • Unlimited access to group fitness classes (Les Mills & Freestyle) and aqua aerobics classes
  • Access aquatic facilities (including pools, sauna and relation area)
  • Free health consultation and personalised gym program
  • Free reassessment and program update
  • Access to in-house challenges and competitions
  • Access to our qualified and experienced personal trainers (additional fees apply)
  • Access to the ARC Crèche ($2 donation)

Membership Options

  • Flexible four weekly direct debit
  • 12 month direct debit option
  • 3 or 12 months upfront
  • Valid concession options

Membership Fees

4 Weekly Direct DebitPrice*
Adult (Flexible) $87.00
Concession (Flexible) $71.00
Adult (12 month contract) $66.00
Concessoin (12 month contract) $58.00
3 Months Adult $316.00
3 Months Concession $268.00
12 Months Adult $800.00
12 Months Concession $697.00
Additional FeesPrice*
Joining Fee (One Off) $75.00

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