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Group Fitness

Enjoy two airy and open studio spaces, access sparkling new change rooms and work out with great instructors specialising in Les Mills and Freestyle classes. 

ARC Group Fitness Timetable - Effective 10 June 2019

WHEN: Group fitness classes are scheduled everyday of the week, at a variety of different times. View the ARC Group Fitness Timetables or ask our friendly reception staff to find a class to suit you. Please note that the group fitness timetable may differ on public holidays. 

WHERE: The class you wish to attend will determine the location of the class. Please ensure to read the Group Fitness timetable to find the correct location within the facility. Studio 1 (group fitness) is located on the ground floor of the facility and Studio 2 (RPM) is located on level one.

COST: FREE for ARC members. Non members can access classes for a fee using a Multi Visit Pass or Casual Pass

HOW TO BOOK INTO A GROUP FITNESS CLASS: All group fitness bookings are done online via our customer portal or in the centre by using our group fitness kiosk. Simply follow the below instructions next time you book into a class.

WHEN TO BOOK: Member bookings are open 2 hours prior to the commencement of each class (for 6:05am classes, bookings will be open from 6pm the prior evening).

Non member bookings are open 1 hour prior to the commencement of each class (for 6:05am classes, bookings will be open from 7pm the prior evening).

HOW TO BOOK ONLINE: To book into a class visit and click on ‘LOG IN’ on the top right of the page. Enter your username (the email address you signed up with) and password to log in(default password is 'leisurecentre16'). If you cannot remember your username or have forgotten your password please contact customer service to reset your log in details. To access the group fitness classes in the customer portal click on ‘BOOK ONLINE’ and then ‘GROUP FITNESS’. The next screen will display the upcoming classes. Select the session you wish to attend and view your bookings by clicking on ‘MY PROFILE’ and then ‘MY BOOKINGS’.

When you arrive at the centre you can go directly to the kiosk AND scan your card (on the left for RFID membership cards or on the right for the barcode visit pass cards). After scanning your card you will see a ‘CARD OK’ screen.

If you have booked online you will see an 'Unprinted Session Receipts' screen. The classes you have already booked into will appear and you will be able to click on the class you are attending to print your ticket and proceed to your class.

If you did not pre-book you will see all available classes. You will be able to click on the class you wish to attend and print your ticket before you proceed to your class.

GETTING STARTED: Not sure what class to start in? See one of our friendly staff members to find the right classes to suit your needs and goals.



Opening Hours

Monday - Friday
6am - 9pm

7am - 7pm

Public Holidays
7am - 7pm*

Contact Us

531 Lower North East Road
Campbelltown SA 5074

+618 8366 9350