Noise Issues

Barking Dogs

All dogs make noise at some time but if you are concerned about the level of noise a dog in your area is making, try to resolve the issue by speaking to the owner first.  Most dog owners are responsible and are willing to work with their neighbours. If you approach them in a friendly manner you may be able to reach a solution without having to take further action. Remember that dog owners may not be aware that their dog is causing a nuisance if they are not at home when the barking occurs.

If the matter cannot be resolved directly with the dog's owner, you can make a formal complaint to Council by reading the Barking Dog Information Pack(87 kb), completing the necessary forms and returning them to Council.  On receipt of a formal complaint the Councils General Inspectors will keep in regular contact with you and your neighbour until the barking issue is resolved.

Barking is a natural behaviour for dogs and they may have various reasons to bark however, it may take some time to teach the dog different ways to behave to certain situations.

If you require further information please contact Council's General Inspectors on 8366 9252.

Construction Noise

Certain activities on construction sites are noisy. Although some noise may be unavoidable, it can often be controlled using improved work practices. The responsible person, who is the owner, occupier or contractor, must take all reasonable and practicable measures to minimise noise resulting from the activity and to reduce its impact.

For more information please refer to the Construction Noise Information Sheet(48 kb).

Noisy Neighbours

Noise from neighbours is a common source of nuisance, and for some people can be very upsetting. The main problems are caused by barking dogs, loud music or TV, shouting, banging doors and cars. Remember that no house or flat is totally sound proof – everyone can expect some noise from neighbours.

For more information please refer to the Noisy Neighbours Information Sheet(164 kb).

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