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For more information about Cycling the Suburbs in Campbelltown call Gavin Fairbrother, OPAL Campbelltown Manager, on 8366 9272 or email


I’m new to cycling and need some help, where do I start?

cycle instead

A fantastic journey planner for anyone looking to cycle around Adelaide. Plug in your co-ordinates, and select from a low traffic route, a route based around cycling trails or if you’re feeling confident, the fastest route from A to B!

‘Cycle instead – A guide for new and rusty riders’ is also available for Campbelltown City Council residents at council reception or contact Gavin Fairbrother at

Bike SA

bike sa logo

A go to website for beginners and keen cyclists alike. The Bike SA website is loaded with resources, events and even information on courses for individuals who need to develop their bike skills further.

OPAL Fourth Creek Map

4th creek map

If you’ve yet to explore the fourth creek trail, the OPAL fourth creek map is a great resource that highlights key areas of exploration and fun for children. You can download the guide here

I’m not very confident on my bike

Both Bike SA and Ride a Bike Right run courses for individuals, groups and organisations to help build up bike skills.

I don’t have a bike

Head to;

Euride – Local Bike shop on 637 Lower North East Road, Campbelltown




Book a Bike at Geoff heath Golf Course – Free bike rental program! Click here for further details

My bike needs a tuneup

Head to Euride – Local Bike shop on 637 Lower North East Road, Campbelltown

Do you have some bike mechanic skills that you’d like to volunteer to help families on low incomes to service their bikes? Contact Gavin Fairbrother on 8366 9272

I’m unfamiliar with the laws about cycling?


The department of transport, energy and infrastructure have produced a guide for cyclists about the law and cycling. A great resource if you’re uncertain about the things you can and can’t do on a bicycle. You can download it here

Where are some great sites in Campbelltown to ride around or ride to?

active family loop lochiel park

The Active Family Loop at Lochiel Park is a great family friendly 4km loop from Lochiel Park Golf Course which links to the River Torrens Linear Trail. Follow the pink pavement stickers and posts and enjoy the peaceful surrounds. Enjoy a coffee at Lochiel Park Golf Clubrooms after.

Sections of the 4th creek trail and surrounding streets area perfect place for a leisure ride. Loop 3 that combines trails with local roads is a recommended place to start. Remember you are sharing sections of the trail with walkers so ring your bell and slow down before passing walkers.

See the pocket guide to outside for details of Campbelltown Trails.

I’m worried about navigating some of Campbelltown’s main roads?

The best resource is the Cycle Instead journey planner which will help you plan out your routes and choose low traffic and safe routes around Campbelltown.

I’ve got no one to ride with

Bike SA have a social rides program, you can find out more information here

I would like my children to ride to school, but I’m worried about their safety

TFF partwayok

Children’s independently walking or cycling to school was a norm 20 years ago but times have changed so it’s fair enough you are worried.

One great way for families to return ‘part way’ to the good ‘ol days is to park 5 minutes away from school sites then #thinkfeetfirst and step, cycle or scoot to school. It’s a great way to connect with your children outdoors before the busy work and school day begins.

Campbelltown has an ideal network of local roads, parks and trails near schools. These were promoted at 5 school sites who participated in OPAL’s 2016 Think Feet First Week and the school community loved having less cars around school drop off zones that week.

You can view the drop off routes we took here:

East Torrens Primary School


Thorndon Park Primary School


Campbelltown Preschool


Paradise Primary School


The key to create a pleasant and safe environment around schools to support children and families to step, cycle or scoot to key is for the whole community, including, schools and council, working together. Talk to your school or Council about getting involved in the way2go program



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