Projects/Building Upgrade

Bus Shelter Upgrade

To upgrade existing Council owned bus stops to be DSAPT (Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport 2002) compliant.

Reservoir Road Reserve Playground

Reservoir Road Reserve is a small local reserve that provides access for local residents to the Campbelltown Community Orchard and in the future will become a secondary entrance to Thorndon Park.  The aim of this project is to combine the traditional play equipment and natural play features and elements recycled from the existing playground.  These play elements will spread into the quieter corners of the reserve and will include seating, pathways and additional tree plantings.

Campbelltown Memorial Oval Redevelopment

To replace the existing facilities with a new complex which caters for the needs of various sporting and community groups.  Works include consolidation of all buildings in one location, new car park facilities, new toilet facilities, new landscaped areas, lighting, transformer relocation and cricket pitches.

Campbelltown Function Centre

To paint the internal external surfaces of the Function Centre, including the timber decking and to replace the domestic television monitors with commercial grade monitors.

Campbelltown Library

To paint the internal and external areas of the Campbelltown Library.

Magill Senior Citizens Hall

To replace the internal lighting with energy efficient lights.

Hectorville Community Centre

To replace the existing air conditioning at the Hectorville Community Centre, with a new split system.

Athelstone Community Hall

To replace the existing timber floor at the hall.

Council Administration Building

To paint the external walls and a number of the internal walls of the Council Administration Office Building.

Bridge Replacement

To replace bridges that were damaged during the storms that occurred during 2016/2017.

Hectorville Community Centre

To replace the existing tables and chairs at the centre.

Marchant Centre

To paint all external surfaces at the centre.

Foxfield Oval Hall

To replace the existing tables and chairs at the hall.

ARC Campbelltown

To install solar panels to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions.

Reservoir Road Reserve Playground

To install a picnic table at the reserve to complement the renewal and replacement works being done at the location.

Thorndon Park
  • To improve the lighting and core electrical route with the park and the car park as per the Thorndon Park Master Plan.
  • To install a new miniature railway track of approximately 482m with supporting infrastructure, including a shed and shelter.
  • To continue the replacement of the existing footpaths with exposed aggregate and solar brick lighting, as per the Thorndon Park Master Plan.
  • To replace the existing car park at Thorndon Park which is in very poor condition and has a number of drainage issues.
Grandview Grove Reserve Expansion & Improvement

This project would see the road section turned into green open space and the amenities of the space improved, including a local playground.

Melville Grove Reserve Improvements

To install new paths, artwork, seating, lighting and landscaping.

Drinking Fountains

To install drinking fountains at;

  • The Dress Circle Playground
  • Athelstone Football Club
  • River Drive Playground
  • Steve Woodcock Sports Centre
Food Damage Repairs

To undertake the second stage of repairs along Third, Fourth and Fifth Creeks following the damage incurred from September 2016 rain events.

Biodiversity Park Change

To provide additional plantings of indigenous species and new signage that promotes the uniqueness of the park.

River Torrens Shared Path Upgrade – Stage 4

To continue the upgrade of existing bitumen paths along River Torrens Linear Park (RTLP) with concrete paths.

Jury and Maple Avenue Rostrevor

To improve safety at the intersection of Jury Avenue and Maple Avenue, Rostrevor with the installation of a roundabout.

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