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 OPAL Forum 1 - Stakeholder consultation forumOPAL Stakeholder Forum Summary Report(397 kb)

OPAL Forum 2 - Featuring Tim Gill. Removing the Bubble Wrap: Why children’s outdoor play matters and who you can take a balanced approach

TG CFC Campbelltown presentation(1904 kb) 

PSF Risk Assessment(5484 kb)

OPAL Forum 3 – Featuring Rod Tolley.  Active Transport Consultant, Researcher, Presenter and Walk21 Director International Charter for Walking(81 kb) 

OPAL Forum 4 – Primary School forum: Planning for children being active and eating well in Primary Schools

OPAL Forum 5 – Preschool forum featuring the Rainbow Sisters

EAR resource guide(3387 kb)

Health benefits by colour(95 kb)

EAR helpful hints(220 kb)

OPAL Forum 6 – Featuring Adam Bienenstock: Designing outdoor nature play spaces

Good for Business(1792 kb) 

Fund your Natural Playground 101.pdf(168 kb)

Why getting kids outside is no walk in the bark - The Globe and Mail(160 kb)

Nature Contact Research(67 kb)

Influence Article(873 kb)

Bienenstock-article-Interaction-Spring2010Eng(430 kb)

Quick and Dirty Hand out from Bienenstock Playgrounds(449 kb)

12 Steps to Creating a Natural Playground(153 kb)

Fort Making(279 kb)

Fine Motor - Whittling.(238 kb)

Language Art - Stone Stories(307 kb)

Math -3-D Puzzles(451 kb)

Science - Sorting Loose parts(304 kb)

Transient Art(108 kb)

Opal Forum 7 - Mid Point Forum

 Opal Mid Point Forum Presentation(4380 kb)

Opal Mid Point Forum Write Up(178 kb)

Opal Forum 8 - Featuring Tim Gill from


Opal Forum 9 - Preschool Gardening Forum

For tops tips on getting started with a vegetable garden in preschools, download the notes taken.    NRM fact sheet on composting for schools.pdf(4433 kb)OPAL Preschool Gardening forum with Urban Sprout.pdf(209 kb)

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