Council Meeting Update

An overview of discussions from the most recent Council meeting.

This summary, provided by the CEO, is an overview of the discussions that took place at the 19 September 2017 Council meeting.

If you would like any further detail on any of these items, full minutes of Council meetings as well as audio recordings of Council meetings are available. Council Meeting Update 

In summary, the key decisions from the meeting were:

Sesquicentennial Year Advisory Committee - As you would be aware, Campbelltown celebrates its 150th anniversary next year and Council has planned a number of events to help celebrate this significant milestone.  As part of these celebrations, Council will be holding 3 significant events, namely:

  1. A Sesquicentennial Dinner to recognise the people listed on Council’s Service Honour Boards on Friday 2 March 2018 to coincide with the first meeting of Council
  2. A Sesquicentennial Family Picnic for past and present Elected Members and Staff and their immediate families will be held on Sunday 25 February 2018 at The Gums Reserve
  3. A Sesquicentennial Community Event will be held on Saturday 14 April 2018 at Daly Oval - this will be a free event with everyone welcome.  Staff are currently working through the logistics of this event and seeking to secure a main act to frontline the event.

Furthermore, Council will engage Andrew Costello to produce a full 30 minute episode of ‘SA with Cosi’ focussing on the history and uniqueness of Campbelltown.  This will air on television twice throughout the year and Staff will be able to use all the footage taken to assist in promoting Council in the future.

These events and initiatives are exciting and we look forward to celebrating our 150th birthday.

Melba Court Reserve – Community Engagement Outcomes and Draft Concept Plan for Improvements - Following an extensive Community engagement process with the local Community, Staff have developed a concept plan for Melba Court incorporating their initial feedback.  Council considered the feedback and endorsed the draft Concept Plan for the purposes of public consultation.

Section 184 Process – Request to Appoint Lawyers - Unfortunately there are 3 properties who have outstanding rates dating back more than 3 years.  As a consequence and ensuring that Council take a fair and reasonable approach, it authorised Staff to appoint Milton Graham Lawyers to commence the Section 184 process for these 3 properties should payment in full not be received or they not agree to an acceptable payment arrangement by the deadline set by the lawyers.  Although this is an unfortunate situation, I would like to commend Staff, especially Simon Zbierski, Lynda Hall and Naomi Wegner, for the work they do in working with residents facing financial hardships to determine an acceptable payment arrangement to prevent this course of action needing to be taken.  Staff provide multiple options for ratepayers to pay their outstanding rates, however when no acceptable resolution can be found this course of action needs to be taken in the best interests of being fair and reasonable to all ratepayers.

Fox Avenue Traffic Control - Following numerous concerns regarding the traffic movements and the associated safety concerns in Fox Avenue, Staff recommended the installation of traffic calming devices to minimise the risk.  Council supported staff’s recommendation and have endorsed the installation of the proposed traffic calming device.  To enable this work to proceed as soon as possible Council will allocate funding at the 1st Budget Review for 2017/2018.

CMO (Campbelltown Memorial Oval) Redevelopment - As you would be aware, Staff have been working on the redevelopment of CMO.  In preparing for the construction phase and ensuring the works can be completed in a timely manner, Council has adopted a Fixed Price Contract methodology as its procurement method with an initial Expression of Interest process leading to a maximum of approximately 6 contractors being short-listed to tender for the proposed redevelopment at the Campbelltown Memorial Oval.  This is a similar approach to the one undertaken to build The ARC which proved to be very successful. Furthermore, Staff will appoint a suitable qualified consultant to act as the Superintendent for the project.

ERA (Eastern Region Alliance) - The ERA’s Mayors and CEOs Group has been working diligently on reviewing the Strategic Plan and undertaken a thorough Governance review of the Alliance.  Council adopted the report’s conclusion that the current ERA governance framework provides a flexible platform for regional collaborations and agreed that ERA maintain its current membership.  In addition, Council adopted the updated ‘ERA Strategic Plan’ and the revised Memorandum of Understanding of the Eastern Region Alliance.  This outcome provides Council with the ability and confidence to continue working with the other ERA Councils to deliver a great outcome for our Community.

Delegations for Council Assessment Panel - You may recall that in June this year the Council passed a resolution authorising Staff to take the necessary steps to facilitate the establishment of a Council Assessment Panel in accordance with the requirements of the recently introduced Planning Development and Infrastructure Act 2016.  This work is in train and all necessary steps to establish the Panel will be in place by 1 October 2017 as required by the State Government.  To facilitate the necessary arrangements Council delegated the powers contained in Section 20 and 34(23) of the Development Act 1993, the powers and functions under the Development Act 1993 and the Development Regulations 2008 contained in Council’s Delegations Register to the Council’s Assessment Panel effective 1 October 2017.

Staff will make the necessary amendments to the Development Delegations Policy to reflect the legislative changes that come into effect on 1 October 2017.

Community Event Grants – Round 1 - Council considered the first round of the Community Events Grants, in which only one application was received from the Lions Club of Rostrevor for the Black Hill Challenge.  Council supported this application and have agreed to provide $1,536 in grant funding for this event which raises money for the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

Request for an Easement on Council Road Reserve at Lower Athelstone Road, Athelstone in favour of 12 Whelan Close, Athelstone - Staff recently received a request to grant an easement over a portion of Council land.  After considering this request, Council agreed to an easement being created over a portion adjacent Lower Athelstone Road, Athelstone together with a portion of the road reserve in favour of the adjacent property at 12 Whelan Close, Athelstone subject to the owner of 12 Whelan Close, Athelstone paying:

  • all costs associated with the creation of the easement
  • Council a one-off payment of $2,500 as compensation for the loss of control of the land within the area of the proposed easement
  • for any works required to provide and maintain the stormwater infrastructure within the area of the proposed easement to be at the reasonable satisfaction of Council

Furthermore Council resolved that all the existing street trees located in the Lower Athelstone Road, Athelstone road reserve be protected to ensure there is no damage to any tree or their root systems.

Black Spot Funding Projects - The Black Spot Funding Program allows Council to submit funding applications to assist in addressing locations that have experienced crashes/incidents.  In considering a number of locations in the Council area, Staff identified that the intersection of George Street and Avenue Road, Paradise has seen 3 crashes between 2011 to 2015. These crashes have resulted in a total damage value of $18,500 (not including medical costs for injuries). According to the current traffic data, vehicles turning right from George Street into Avenue Road and La Scala Court have been involved in a number of rear end collisions.  As such, Council resolved that consideration be given to include $31,500 at the time of formulating the draft 2018/2019 Annual Business Plan and Budget to install a traffic calming device at the intersection of George Street and Avenue Road subject to Staff being successful in attracting matching Black Spot Funding of $31,500 towards this project.

Fund My Neighbourhood Program - On 6 August 2017 the State Government launched the new Fund My Neighbourhood program. This is a $40 million participatory budgeting initiative which invites South Australians to nominate and choose neighbourhood improvement projects for their local area over 2 financial years.

The fund will be allocated through 15 regions throughout South Australia (four for Metropolitan regions) with Campbelltown being part of the East Region. The East Region has been allocated $3.8 million for the 2017/2018 financial year and a further $3.8 million in the 2018/2019 financial year.

This project is the first of its kind in Australia and it is being managed by the DPC (Department of Premier and Cabinet). This program gives the Community the chance to put forward their ideas to improve their neighbourhood. Residents can nominate a project whether on private or land owned or managed by Council. If the idea is located on Council’s land, approval from Council is required.

The types of projects can cover infrastructure, open space, sport and recreation, transport, safety, healthy wellbeing, inclusion, arts and culture, environment and sustainability and innovation and technology.  The Fund of My Neighbourhood will provide one-off grants of between $10,000 up to $150,000 for each of the approved ideas.

Local residents recommended a number of projects that were considered by Council last night. After lengthy discussions, Council endorsed the following projects to be included in the Fund My Neighbourhood Program:

  1. River Drive Playground - $110,000
  2. Max Amber Sportsfield Playground - $105,000
  3. Fence for Thorndon Park Playground - $27,000
  4. Basketball Playground Upgrade at Charlesworth Park - $35,000
  5. Pottery Kiln at Ripple Shed - $10,500
  6. Walking and exercise Playground at Thorndon Park - $70,000
  7. Paradise Railway - $150,000
  8. Gathering Spot at Athelstone Community Garden - $50,000
  9. Suburban Outdoor Grass Volleyball Court (no lighting) - $18,500
  10. Electronic Scoreboard at Max Amber Reserve - $40,000
  11. River Torrens Fifth Creek Pedestrian Bridge - $150,000
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