Council Meeting Update

An overview of discussions from the most recent Council meeting.

This summary, provided by the CEO, is an overview of the discussions that took place at the 18 July 2017 Council meeting.

If you would like any further detail on any of these items, full minutes of Council meetings as well as audio recordings of Council meetings are available. Council Meeting Update 

In summary, the key decisions from the meeting were:

Application from City of Prospect to Join East Waste - The City of Prospect conducted a Tender Call for the Provision of Collection Services for Household Waste, Recyclables, Organics, Street Litter and Hard Waste on 15 November 2016.  East Waste submitted a conforming tender and non-confirming tender which would enable them to become a Constituent Council of East Waste should they wish to consider that option. The Board of East Waste believe that the City of Prospect has a good strategic and geographical fit with East Waste and therefore recommended that Council support the City of Prospect becoming a Constituent Council of East Waste.

In reviewing the detailed information and analysing the financial implementation and the governance risks, Council concurred with the East Waste Board and resolved that it endorsed:

(a) the City of Prospect’s application to become a Constituent Council of East Waste, and the subsequent revision of shares

(b) the definition of 'Constituent Council' as it appears in the East Waste Charter being amended to insert the words 'The City of Prospect' after the words 'Corporation of the Town of Walkerville' where it appears in clause 1 of the Charter

(c) that clause 21.1 of the East Waste Charter, which deals with the ‘Appointment of Directors’, be amended to delete the word 'seven' where it appears in that clause and replace it with the word 'eight'.

A similar report is being considered by all the Constituent Councils as it requires their support to enable this change to occur, however if supported by the existing Constituent Councils, it is hopeful that the City of Prospect could become a Member of East Waste as early as 1 October 2017.

Reappointment of Independent Chairperson to East Waste - Council approved the reappointment of Mr Brian Cunningham as the Independent Chairperson of the Eastern Waste Management Authority until 30 June 2019. Mr Cunningham has been the Chairperson of East Waste since 2013 and has proved to be an invaluable Member of the Board and his contribution has been a significant factor in the ongoing good performance of East Waste.

Tender Report - Footpath Construction - Following a recent tender process, Council authorised the engagement of Nova Group Services to undertake the installation of paved footpaths within the City for a three year period. Furthermore they delegated me the authority to exercise the optional extension at the end of the three year period subject to their satisfactory performance in accordance with Council’s specification for the rates tendered. Nova Group Services have been laying footpaths in Campbelltown for a significant period of time and have proven to be very good contractors working with Staff to deliver works on time and budget without significantly inconveniencing the local residents.

Appointment of Access & Inclusion Advisory Committee Member - Mr Peter Emery was appointed to the Access and Inclusion Advisory Committee until November 2017. Mr Emery was previously a Member of the Committee until he relocated to Sydney. As there currently is a vacancy and the term is only until November this year the selection panel believes it was beneficial, which the Council agreed, to reappoint Mr Emery to the Committee at this time in recognition of the significant contribution he was making prior to moving to Sydney.

Telecommunications Powers and Immunities Consultation - A Federal Government consultation paper was received advising Councils of an opportunity to participate in a Federal Government consultation on telecommunications carrier powers and immunities.  Amendments would impact the Telecommunications (Low­impact Facilities) Determination 1997 (LIFD), the Telecommunications Code of Practice 1997 and potentially, Schedule 3 of the Telecommunications Act 1997.  After carefully considering the advice provided by Staff, Council resolved to advise the Federal Government and Local Government of South Australia that it supports the proposed changes to telecommunication carrier powers and immunities as detailed in the consultation paper.

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