Council Meeting Update

An overview of discussions from the most recent Council meeting.

This summary, provided by the CEO, is an overview of the discussions that took place at the 21 February 2017 Council meeting.

If you would like any further detail on any of these items, full minutes of Council meetings as well as audio recordings of Council meetings are available. Council Meeting Update 

In summary, the key decisions from the meeting were:

Draft Playground and Exercise Equipment Plan - An enormous amount of work was undertaken in developing a long term plan that strategically looks at the future of playground equipment in our Council area.  Following consideration, Council endorsed the draft Playground and Exercise Equipment Plan for the purposes of Community consultation.

Playground and Reserve Improvements - Community Engagement Outcomes and Implementation Plan - Following an extensive consultation process (Stage 1 in some cases and Stage 2 in other cases), Council endorsed the draft concept plans for improvements to Melville Grove Reserve, Grandview Grove Reserve, Reservoir Road Reserve and Lochiel Park playground for the purposes of public consultation and will consider allocating the following funds at the time of formulating the Draft 2017/2018 Annual Business Plan and Budget:

  • $72,000 for Stage 1 Melville Grove Reserve Improvements (Renewal and Replacement)
  • $48,000 for Reservoir Road Reserve Improvements (Renewal and Replacement)
  • $120,000 for Grandview Grove Reserve Expansion and Improvement (Capital-New).

Jan Street Activation - As you may be aware, the works on Jan Street have commenced and are anticipated to be completed prior to Easter.  As part of the final outcome, Staff are investigating how we can successfully activate the space to ensure it becomes a destination place for local residents.  To assist with its activation, Council will consider allocating $5,000 to activate Jan Street at the time of formulating the draft 2017/2018 Annual Business Plan and Budget.

The idea proposed is to activate the space on two Saturday nights during December with a ‘Christmas on Jan Street’ theme.

Traders Association - As part of Council’s ongoing commitment to Economic Development, consideration will be given to allocating $40,000 in the draft 2017/2018 Annual Business Plan and Budget to establishing Traders Associations in Campbelltown to support local businesses and economic growth.  With the work being undertaken in Jan Street and the undergrounding of power lines along Lower North East Road, it is envisaged that these two areas will be explored to establish Traders Associations, however Staff will also consider other opportunities provided there is genuine support from local traders.

Our Fruitful Record – A History of Market Gardens in Campbelltown - Staff have been investigating the possibility of creating an oral history project that captures, exhibits and celebrates Campbelltown’s rich and unique history of market gardens.  Oral history, including recording of interviews and testimonies, will be utilised as the primary method of capturing these stories.  Council supported this fantastic initiative and will consider providing $14,500 for the market garden oral history project at the time of formulating the draft 2017/2018 Annual Business Plan and Budget.

Community Services & Social Development Review - Following an extensive review of a number of services/programs provided by the Community Services and Social Development Department, Council endorsed the following actions:

  • retain the funding for the Literary Awards in a renewed format
  • retain the Christmas Parade in its current format
  • retain the Volunteer Happy Hour
  • review the Mayoral Bowls Tournament after this year’s event
  • cease holding Movies in the Park and remove the recurrent budget providing $4,000 savings
  • cease participating in Youth FM and remove the recurrent budget providing $4,900 as savings
  • continue supporting the Art Show and Sale in its current form however review Council’s contribution in regards to purchasing prizes

at the time of formulating the draft 2017/2018 Annual Business Plan and Budget.

Discretionary Rebate Request – 743 Lower North East Road Paradise - Council considered a request from a local ratepayer to provide a discretionary rate rebate however, after careful consideration Council resolved to advise the owners of the property at 743 Lower North East Road, Paradise that it will not accede to the provision of a discretionary rebate.

Differential Rating - Council requested that Staff prepare a report on the possible introduction of differential rating.  Campbelltown is the only Council in South Australia that does not have differential rating and with the external fund pressures being placed upon Council through the State Government’s actions to significantly increase the Solid Waste Levy and transfer hundreds of their properties to Community Housing providers, it is an opportune time to introduce differential rating to help minimise rate increases on residential properties.

Therefore, following detailed and robust discussion, Council resolved to consult on the proposal to introduce differential rating for the 2017/2018 financial year with the rate in the dollar being set at:

(a)     110% of the rate applied to residential properties for commercial and industrial properties 

(b)     150% of the rate applied to residential properties for vacant land uses.

Separate Rate – Campbelltown Shopping Centre Rating Methodology - Council considered whether to consult on an alternate rating methodology for the calculation of a separate rate for the Campbelltown Shopping Centre. However, after careful consideration, it was agreed that no change be made and that Council continue to use the same methodology that has been used since the inception of the separate rate many years ago.

2nd Budget Review 2016/2017 - Following consideration of the proposed changes and the improved financial position, Council adopted the second Budget Review 2016/2017.

Audit & Governance Advisory Committee Independent Members - Mr Roberto Bria and Ms Amanda Harfield were reappointed as Independent Members to the Audit & Governance Advisory Committee until 30 April 2019.

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