Council Meeting Update

An overview of discussions from the most recent Council meeting.

This summary, provided by the CEO, is an overview of the discussions that took place at the 16 May 2017 Council meeting.

If you would like any further detail on any of these items, full minutes of Council meetings as well as audio recordings of Council meetings are available. Council Meeting Update 

In summary, the key decisions from the meeting were:

Community Grants - Round 2 2017 - Council was presented with the funding applications from Round 2 of the Community Grants Program in the Event Category.  These applications were thoroughly reviewed by the Event Grant Selection Panel, and following their deliberations and recommendations Council agreed to grant the following Event Grants: 

  • Holy Mary of Montevergine Association (SA) Inc. - $5,000
  • San Rocco Adelaide Inc. - $3,000
  • Divine Orchestra Music Ministry Inc. - $1,000

Furthermore, Council will provide an ongoing annual allocation for Holy Mary of Montevergine Association (SA) of $5,000 and San Rocco Adelaide Inc. of $3,000 commencing from the 2017/2018 financial year, which is to be funded and separated out from the Community Grant – Events Budget going forward.

In addition to these Grants a number of Major, Minor and Personal Achievement Grants have been awarded throughout the year under delegation.  There are no doubts that these grants play a significant role in enhancing the quality of life for our residents.

3rd Budget Review 2016/2017 - Council considered and adopted the proposed changes to the 3rd Budget Review. The outcome of this Review is very pleasing as it recognises the excellent work and efficiency improvements Staff have been undertaking in a number of areas which have led to the operating surplus being significantly improved.  I would like to congratulate everyone for their efforts in continually looking for efficiency improvements whilst delivering a quality lifestyle for our people.  As the financial year draws to a close it is important that we remain diligent and ensure we now meet the new operating result.

2017/2018 Fees and Charges Schedule - Every year Council sets a range of Fees and Charges to ensure that the user makes a fair contribution to the services they use.  Following an extensive review, where some charges were added and others removed, Council adopted the 2017/2018 Fees and Charges Schedule effective from 1 July 2017.  Furthermore they delegated me the authority to make administrative changes to the fees and charges throughout the upcoming financial year to ensure we are able to effectively respond to the changing demands of our Community.

Public Lighting Project - As you may be aware Council underwent a Public Lighting Tender process last year with the other ERA Councils, however due to some perceived conflicts within the industry the process was halted.  Although halted, the process has merit and is likely to deliver Council a significant financial and environmental benefit.  As a result of the significant benefits Council agreed to commence a new Street Lighting Project, including a joint tender process with the City of Unley (and any other interested Councils or Agencies), to find an alternative lighting solution for Council to reduce lighting costs, improve service levels and improve environmental outcomes.  In addition, Council requested that Staff advise the LGA (Local Government Association) that having considered the LGA’s business case regarding LED lighting and supporting in principle the establishment of a Local Government subsidiary for public lighting services, it does not at this point commit to using the subsidiary to manage Council’s lighting infrastructure.  This is the first step in a very exciting process and I look forward to the significant benefits this initiative will deliver our Community in the future.

Disc Golf Course - Staff have been considering the establishment of a Disc Golf Course, more commonly referred to as Frisbee Golf.  Staff have been working with the South Australian Disc Golf Association to determine the requirements and/or merits of establishing a course in our Council area.  Initial investigations tend to support the establishment of a course within our Council area as a local tourist attraction and another way of providing a healthy lifestyle activity.  Therefore Council requested that Staff prepare a further report, in consultation with the South Australian Disc Golf Association, exploring potential sites with estimated costs for Council’s consideration.

Use of Thorndon Park Pungangga Pavilion for Wedding - Council received a request from a couple to be provided exclusive use of the Pungangga Pavilion at Thorndon Park on 6 October 2018 for their wedding reception.  Council doesn’t generally provide exclusive use of the Pavilion, therefore in accordance with this usual practice, Council declined the request for the couple to have exclusive use of the Pungangga Pavilion for the purpose of holding their wedding.

Operation Flinders - Mr Jonathon Robran made a presentation to Council at its last meeting, whereby he highlighted the programs undertaken by Operation Flinders and the significant benefit their work has on young people.  There is no doubt without the work of organisations like Operation Flinders, more and more of our youth would be at risk.  Therefore in acknowledging the great work being undertaken by Operation Flinders, Council supported the establishment of a Campbelltown Chapter and will provide $6,000 (ex GST) towards its creation.

Paradise Interchange Park ‘N’ Ride - The Mayor and myself met with Minister Mullighan MP to explore the opportunity of Council and the State Government working closely together to deliver a long term solution to the parking issues at the Paradise Interchange (including the construction of a multi storey car park) to reduce the impact on nearby residents.  Council fully support this approach as it is considered the only feasible way to manage the ever increasing number of cars being parked by commuters using the O’Bahn whilst minimising the impact on local residents.

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