Council Meeting Update


An overview of discussions from the most recent Council meeting.

This summary, provided by the CEO, is an overview of the discussions that took place at the 4 December 2018 Council meeting.

If you would like any further detail on any of these items, full minutes of Council meetings as well as audio recordings of Council meetings are available. Council Meeting Update 

In summary, the key decisions from the meeting were:

Deputy Mayor - Council appointed Cr Leombruno as Deputy Mayor until 30 November 2020 and Cr Bonomi Deputy Mayor from 1 December 2020 until the end of the Council Term.

Code of Practice for Meeting Procedures - Council is required to set the frequency, time and place of ordinary Council meetings. 
The Local Government Act 1999 requires that Council meet at least monthly and that ordinary meetings of Council may not be held on Sundays or on Public Holidays. For metropolitan Councils an additional requirement is that meetings may not be held before 5.00 pm unless the Council resolves otherwise by a resolution supported unanimously by all Members of the Council.
The previous Council met on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month (except for January where only the meeting on the 3rd Tuesday is held) at 7.30 pm in the Council Chambers. Whilst the frequency of these meeting arrangements is more regular than most metropolitan Councils, it enabled Council to actively engage in legislative consultations with other tiers of government and respond to urgent operational Community matters in a timely manner.
Council currently has a Code (Code of Practice for Meeting Procedures) with several variations to the Local Government (Procedures at Meetings) Regulations 2013. The Code is reviewed annually by Council and was most recently updated on 15 May 2018.
Staff have reviewed the Code of Practice for Meeting Procedures and recommended some minor changes to better reflect how the Council actually operated.
After discussion, Council adopted the proposed Code of Practice for Meeting Procedures (including the meeting arrangements and order of business for ordinary Council meetings).

Elected Members’ Allowances and Support Policy - Section 77(1)(b) of the Act (Local Government Act 1999) provides the framework for Council to establish and maintain an Elected Members’ Allowances and Support Policy. Section 77(2) states that ‘A policy under subsection (1)(b) lapses at a general election of the Council’. 
Staff used the previous Policy as the basis for preparing this Policy and made some minor adjustments to improve the operational nature of the Policy. The annual allowances for Elected Members are set by legislation and have been determined as follows:

  Elected Members $17,270.00
  Deputy Mayor $21,587.50
  Mayor $69,080.00 (albeit Mayor Whittaker has decided to only take $50,000 per annum as her Mayoral Allowance)

In accordance with the directions of the Remuneration Tribunal these allowances will be increased annually by CPI (Consumer Price Index) on the anniversary of the periodic election of Council. 
Clauses 7.3 and 7.4 of the Policy outline the legislative reimbursement of expenses that must be paid by a Council in relation to Elected Members. Further expenses and support outlined in the Policy are discretionary, however align to current practice for Elected Members’ support.
After considering the Policy, Council adopted the Elected Members’ Allowances and Support Policy as presented.

CAP (Council Assessment Panel) - The CAP is required to be established by the Development Act 1993 and the PDI Act (Planning, Development & Infrastructure Act 2016). Its purpose is to act as a delegate for the Council in accordance with the requirements of the Acts and therefore is the decision making authority for applications made pursuant to the Acts where Staff have not been delegated the authority to make the decision.
The CAP consists of five Members, where at least four must be Independent Members (including the Presiding Member) and one Elected Member of the Council.
Three Independent Members of the Panel (Mr Stephen Smith (Presiding Member), Mr Paul Johnson, and Mr Julian Rutt) were reappointed to the Panel in September 2018 and their terms conclude on 29 September 2019. The fourth Independent Member declined the opportunity to continue on the CAP due to increasing work commitments. As a result of this vacancy, Council is now required to appoint a fourth Independent Member, a Deputy Independent Member (as allowed by the PDI Act) and an Elected Member to the CAP.
A recruitment process was undertaken in November to enable Council to appoint the fourth Independent Member and Deputy Member at this meeting as well.
Council appointed Cr Leombruno as Council’s Elected Member representative to the Council Assessment Panel for a two year term commencing 4 December 2018 and Mr Brett Steiner as the fourth Independent Member of the Council Assessment Panel and Ms Milly Nott as a Deputy Member of the Panel until 29 September 2019. In addition, the sitting fees have been increased to $500 for the Presiding Member and $400 for all other Members.

Audit and Governance Advisory Committee - Council has established an Audit and Governance Advisory Committee in accordance with Section
126 of the Local Government Act 1999.
Mr Roberto Bria, an Independent Member, is currently the chair of the Committee. There are two other Independent Member positions on the Committee, one is held by Ms Amanda Harfield and the other position held by Mr Leigh Hall. In addition, there have been two Elected Members on the Committee since its establishment and Staff recommend the continuation of this structure as it has worked effectively for many years and is considered to be best practice.
The current Independent Member appointments to the Audit and Governance Advisory Committee expire on 30 April 2019. However, Staff recommended that these terms be extended until 30 November 2019 to align with other Independent appointments to Council’s Committees, and ensure there is continuity of at least 12 months beyond the start of the new Council term. 
Therefore, to ensure the effective management of this Committee, Council appointed the following Elected Members to the Audit & Governance Advisory Committee:

  • Cr Noble
  • Cr Casciano

and extended the appointments of Mr Roberto Bria, Ms Amanda Harfield and Mr Leigh Hall until 30 November 2019.

Strategic Planning & Development Policy Committee - Council established a Strategic Planning and Development Policy Committee in accordance with Section 101A of the Development Act 1993.
Prior to the 2018 Local Government elections, there were two Elected Members and two Independent Members, Mr David Brown (Chair) and Mr Garth Heynen on the Committee, with a recruitment process underway to fill the third vacant Independent Member position on the Committee.
Independent Member appointments to the Strategic Planning and Development Policy Committee expire in May 2020.
In considering this matter, Council adopted the Terms of Reference as presented for the Strategic Planning and Development Policy Committee and appointed the following Elected Members to the Committee:

  • Cr McLuskey
  • Cr Irvine.

Chief Executive Officer Performance Management Panel - Under the terms of my employment contract, a Panel needs to be appointed to monitor my performance. The Panel includes three Elected Members and a mutually agreed Independent facilitator (ie by the Panel and the Chief Executive Officer). The independent facilitator at the end of the previous term of Council was Ms Rebecca Hunt of McArthur.
The Chief Executive Officer Performance Management Panel Terms of Reference have been reviewed and extensively updated following a comparison with other Eastern Region Alliance Council’s.
In considering this matter, Council adopted the Terms of Reference as presented for the Chief Executive Officer Performance Management Panel and appointed the following Elected Members to the Panel:

  • Cr Barbaro
  • Cr Flynn
  • Cr Bonomi

with Cr Barbaro as the Chair of this Panel. In addition, Council set a sitting fee for the Panel Chair of $170 per meeting.

Eastern Health Authority - EHA (Eastern Health Authority) is a regional subsidiary constituted to provide a wide range of environmental health services to the Community in the eastern and inner northern suburbs of Adelaide. The constituent Councils for this subsidiary are the Cities of Campbelltown, Burnside, Norwood Payneham and St Peters, Prospect and the Town of Walkerville.
Council makes delegations to EHA under a range of Acts related to environmental health. In addition, EHA is completely responsible for the operation and enforcement of the Food Act 2001 within the City of Campbelltown.
Management of EHA is vested in a Board which includes representatives of the constituent Councils. Council is currently entitled to appoint one Elected Member and one other person who may be an officer, employee or Elected Member, or an independent person. Historically, Council has always appointed two Elected Members to this Subsidiary however Staff recommended that one Elected Member be appointed and one Staff member from Council’s Management Team be appointed. In discussing this matter EMT recommended that Michelle Hammond be appointed to the Board of the Eastern Health Authority.
Following consideration of this matter, Council appointed Cr Kennedy and Michelle Hammond as its Board Members on the Eastern Health Authority.

East Waste - East Waste is a regional subsidiary constituted to undertake the kerbside collection of general waste, recyclables and green organics from properties within the Council area. The constituent Councils of this subsidiary are Campbelltown, Adelaide Hills, Burnside, Norwood Payneham and St Peters, Mitcham, Walkerville and Prospect.
Management of East Waste is vested in a Board which includes representatives of the constituent Councils. I have been Council’s representative on the Board for a number of years with the delegated authority to appoint someone in my absence.
After considering this matter, Council reaffirmed me as its Board Member on the Eastern Waste Management Authority with the delegated authority to appoint a skills-based representative in my absence.

Local Government (Ratepayer Protection and Related Measures) Amendment Bill 2018 - The SA Labor Party introduced a Bill to Parliament on 24 October 2018 called the Local Government (Ratepayer Protection and Related Measures) Amendment Bill. This a far reaching piece of legislation that proposes reforming a range of matters throughout the Local Government Act.
Staff prepared a detailed response to this Bill and although supporting parts of the Bill there were a number of items that Staff considered were overly bureaucratic and/or an unnecessary cost.
Council considered the feedback and endorsed the response to be submitted as its feedback on the Local Government (Ratepayer Protection and Related Measures) Amendment Bill and that it be sent to the following people:

  • the Local Government Association
  • the Minister for Local Government, the Hon Stephan Knoll MP
  • the Member for Hartley, the Hon Vincent Tarzia MP
  • the Member for Morialta, the Hon John Gardner MP.

Requests for Funding for Tennis Court Repairs at Various Locations - The Campbelltown Tennis and Netball Club and the Athelstone Tennis Club have been long term lessees of the courts and clubhouse complexes at their respective sites. Both Clubs’ current lease agreements are based on a peppercorn rent, subject to the Clubs paying for all outgoings and being responsible for the maintenance of the clubrooms and courts.
During this and previous terms of their lease agreements, both Clubs have been excellent lessees providing sporting services to the Community, whilst maintaining the property to a good standard and continually seeking to improve their facilities.
The courts have recently displayed some evidence of cracking which needs to be addressed to prevent further deterioration and ensure safe playing conditions. The works proposed will prevent the courts from further deterioration and extend their useful life, whilst ensuring a good level of
service to the users.
Both Clubs have approached Council to seek financial assistance in the cost of repairs to their respective court complexes. They have committed to undertake repairs, with Campbelltown Tennis and Netball Club having programmed the works in December 2018.
The total cost of repairs to their six courts which includes pressure cleaning, crack cleaning and filling, grinding of cracks to remove tripping hazards and painting along with major crack repairs along the clubhouse boundary of the site will be $25,077.
The Campbelltown Tennis and Netball Club are seeking a 50% contribution from Council towards the repairs (ie $12,538).
The Athelstone Tennis Club courts are badly in need of repairs with major cracks and heaving of surfaces, due mainly to the soil profiles of the site. Whilst having received minor maintenance repairs over the years, the courts have deteriorated to a point where major repairs are now required.
The Athelstone Tennis Club, being so concerned with the state of three courts proceeded to undertake the repairs to them and have funded the works themselves. The works, with in-kind assistance from Staff, have been completed and have achieved a fabulous result for the Club. The Athelstone Tennis Club is now seeking Council assistance to undertake the works on the remaining three courts.
After considering this matter Council resolved that it will:

  • assist the Clubs by funding up to 50% of the repairs of their tennis courts project to a maximum level of $12,538 for the Campbelltown Tennis and Netball Club and $20,360 for the Athelstone Tennis Club from the Renewal and Replacement Reserve, subject to the Club providing the remaining funding to complete the works.
  • provide the Project management component of the works.

As a result of this decision Council will allocate $32,898 as its 50% share of the project at the time of preparing the second Budget Review for 2018/2019 from the Renewal and Replacement Reserve.

Tender Report – Cleaning Services for The ARC Campbelltown 2018 - Tenders were called for the provision of Cleaning Services for The ARC. The ARC is a fantastic recreational facility, focussing on Community health and fitness, aquatic recreational play and Community sport.
The proposed contract term is for two years commencing from the signing of the Agreement and subject to satisfactory performance (and any other conditions which may prevail at the time) Council may consider one (1) optional right of renewal of two (2) years to be exercised at Council’s
absolute discretion.
The 13 tenders received, were assessed by a Tender Evaluation Panel with respect to their reliability, business capability, quality of service, environment management system, work health and safety, previous works undertaken and their tendered rates.
All tenders met the specifications that Council required through the tender document and Staff checked the referees of the preferred supplier who provided positive feedback on their experience with the company.
The preferred supplier has been undertaking similar projects for various Federal, State and Local Governments and private industry for a number of years. They have proved to be very flexible in meeting their clients’ needs and the requirements of the project.
Following consideration of the Staff report and tender assessment, Council resolved that Quayclean Australia be engaged to undertake the Cleaning Services at The ARC Campbelltown for an initial term of two (2) years at an annual rate of $206,336 and subject to satisfactory performance, delegated me the authority to exercise the optional right of renewal for an additional two (2) year period.

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