Council Meeting Update


An overview of discussions from the most recent Council meeting.

This summary, provided by the CEO, is an overview of the discussions that took place at the 16 October 2018 Council meeting.

If you would like any further detail on any of these items, full minutes of Council meetings as well as audio recordings of Council meetings are available. Council Meeting Update 

In summary, the key decisions from the meeting were:

Campbelltown Coffee Trail - Council considered a motion to investigate the feasibility of establishing a Campbelltown Coffee Trail. After considering the matter, Council resolved that a report be prepared reviewing the existing Food Trail and the possibility of establishing a Campbelltown Coffee Trail involving local cafes, restaurants and bakeries.

Review of Private Bus Subsidy - When Council sold its 33 seater charter bus, it adopted the ‘Private Bus Subsidy Guidelines’ to provide a subsidy to eligible groups to hire private buses for Community use. Community groups and organisations pay a portion of the bus hire, either $200 or $250 depending on the distance travelled, and then a private bus subsidy of up to $400 is provided by Council to eligible  organisations. The Community group or organisation pay any additional costs. For example, say a trip to Victor Harbor costs $850 to hire a bus, the group would pay $450 and Council would provide a subsidy of $400.

Staff have reviewed the private bus subsidy use in 2016/2017 and 2017/2018. There were 16 subsidies each financial year totalling approximately $6,000 per year. The groups indicated to Staff that they really value the subsidy and some would not be able to go on these trips if the subsidy wasn’t available. Previously when Council had their own Charter Bus to provide a similar service, the annual cost was in the order of $33,000. 

As a result of this review and the success of the initiative, Council resolved to continually fund an annual Private Bus Subsidy program.

Interim Delegations Review – October 2018 - Council has recently received updated Delegations Templates, with a number of changes recommended for the Road Traffic Act 1961. The LGA advised that new delegations have been inserted for Sections 17, 20 and 20A of the Road Traffic Act relating to traffic control devices, roadworks permits and work area/site signs. The two major changes have been summarised below which will assist Staff in undertaking their daily duties when working on the roads.

  1. Installation of traffic control devices - new delegations provide powers in relation to the installation, removal and operation of traffic control devices on, above or near roads in areas where persons are engaged in work or in areas affected by works in progress, including temporary road closures.
  2. Work areas and work sites - new delegations allow Council to place signs on a road indicating a maximum speed on or near works in progress where workers are engaged or where works are in progress. Speed limit signs placed on a road in accordance with a ‘roadworks permit’, must be removed within 24 hours; an extension of the 24 hour period can be sought from the Minister however must be made at least 3 hours beforethe end of the 24 hour period.

Council considered the matter and adopted the recommendation to update Staff delegations to reflect the changes made to the Road Traffic Act.

Reservoir Road, Paradise – Parking Bays - Council budgeted for the installation of six indented parking bays along Reservoir Road, Paradise in the 2018/2019 Annual Business Plan and Budget. The construction works commenced in early August 2018, starting with the northern side of Reservoir Road. As the construction works progressed, Council received concerns from residents living at 56 Reservoir Road, (which consists of 12 properties) in relation to the placement of their bins if Council installed the indented parking bays on the southern side of Reservoir Road. During bin collection days, there are up to 24 bins placed along the kerb adjacent the properties at 56-60 Reservoir Road.

Following receipt of these concerns and due to the inability to find an alternative location to satisfactorily place the bins, Staff recommended that the remaining three indented parking bays on the southern side not proceed at this time. Staff would continue to monitor the parking situation at this location.

Council considered the advantages and disadvantages of installing the additional indented parking bays on the southern side of Reservoir Road and resolved not to proceed with their installation at this stage.

Murray Park Reserve – Barbeque Facility - At the 7 August Council meeting, Staff were requested to prepare a report (including costings) on the possible installation of a barbeque at Murray Park Reserve. Staff investigated where to best install a barbeque facility and believe a location close to the existing grandstand would be the ideal location (it is in close proximity to the existing playground). Following careful consideration, Council resolved that it will consider allocating $21,500 at the time of formulating the draft 2019/2020 Annual Business Plan and Budget for the installation of a new barbeque facility and picnic table setting at Murray Park Reserve with the inclusion of a path from the Flora Terrace entrance.

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