Lochiel Park Award winning "Green Village"

Urban Renewal Authority URA (formerly Land Management Corporation) is delivering Lochiel Park as a nation-leading 'green village', a practical demonstration of the South Australian Government's vision for sustainable living; it is the newest major development in the Campbelltown Council area.

Lochiel Park Green Village exemplifies South Australia's Strategic Plan objective of 'Attaining Sustainability' by demonstrating that well-planned contemporary living can reduce ecological and carbon footprints while creating a sense of place in harmony with nature.

Reducing the developmental 'footprint'

Lochiel Park is multi-award-winning green development populated by an enlightened community committed to living sustainably through:

  • Efficient and sustainable water use.
  • Housing designs that work with nature.
  • Efficient energy and use of renewable energy.
  • A holistic approach to the environment, heritage and community.
  • Making the most of locally-produced materials.

Lochiel Park - Girl and ButterflyAll houses in Lochiel Park are fitted with photovoltaic cells and, in addition to normal utilities, are serviced by non-potable water system (through on-site wetlands, pollutant traps and aquifer storage and recovery system) and gas-boosted solar hot water systems. All homes have a minimum 7.5 star thermal performance rating.

Two-thirds of the site has been established as an 'urban forest' comprising southern wetlands (for stormwater recycling), northern wetlands (a natural feature that also filters stormwater into the adjacent River Torrens) and extensive revegetation involving 160,000 new plantings. The site directly captures stormwater that previously went into the River Torrens from 260 hectares of land above Lochiel Park.

Lochiel Park - Ducks

URA's role

URA is the developer of the Lochiel Park Green Village. Two South Australian builders, Charterhouse by Hickinbotham Homes and Rossdale Homes, were selected to construct homes within Lochiel Park.

The design guidelines require significant effort by experienced designers and architects to ensure the most sustainable and cost-effective solutions. Encumbrances ensure that the Lochiel Park vision is achieved over time.

URA is responsible for the maintenance of the urban forest, wetlands and reserves. After practical completion of the development works maintenance will be handed over to the City of Campbelltown and SA Water.

Lochiel Park Community Garden

This community garden has really taken off since the inaugural meeting in June 2008.
The earth works to establish the garden started June 2010 and in November 2010 the first produce was picked.

The aims of this community garden are:

Lochiel Park - Ladybug

  • To establish and maintain a community garden to enable members to grow fruit, vegetables, herbs, and other foods in a sustainable way and according to permaculture principles;
  • To develop and run community education programs that will engage the local community, including school children, people with special needs and elderly people, in hands-on learning opportunities on subjects such as permaculture, growing food locally and sustainably, energy efficiency, water saving, composting, nutrition, and cooking and preserving;
  • To provide a safe and enjoyable place for children to learn about sustainable market gardening;
  • To work cooperatively with other community groups so that the community garden becomes the focal point of a vibrant and exciting community hub revolving around the idea of sustainability.

To find out more about the Community Garden including membership and plot fees, please contact the President, Jenny, on 0411 150 599 or email lpcg5074@gmail.com

For more information on the Lochiel Park project, please click here to visit the website.


Zero Carbon Challenge

Zero Carbon Challenge Winner

Amongst the Lochiel Park Green Village development in Campbelltown Council an exciting new initiative has arrived in regards to pushing the boundaries in low carbon living.

The Zero Carbon Challenge took place through an initiative of the South Australian Government http://www.ura.sa.gov.au/Latestnews.aspx and Integrated Design Commission SA http://integrateddesign.sa.gov.au . A competition that has seen a number of consortiums formed to develop concepts to build a zero carbon house for the price of a conventional 3 bedroom home.

This competition concluded on the 29th February with the winner of the Zero Carbon Challenge -Australia’s first zero carbon sustainable house competition being announced. Team Collaborative Future were the winners out of four finalist teams tasked with designing a zero carbon home, taking into account key elements such as the embodied energy of a building, future emissions, liveability, affordability and adaptability.

Lochiel Park Green Village - Zero Carbon House 

The winning team has now brought their concept of a zero carbon home to life by building their design on Lot 61 at Lochiel Park Green Village in Campbelltown.

At a cost of around $335,000 (excluding GST), a 7.5 star rating, net zero operational energy and a 16- week construction time, the home that Team Collaborative Future has designed ticks a lot of boxes. The winning team was also awarded the people's choice award.

Construction was completed in July and the house will be open for viewing over the next few months before the new owners move in. The official launch takes place on Sustainable House Day September 8th, 2013 with visitors invited to meet the architects and suppliers who contributed to construction.

More information can be found on the Zero Carbon Challenge Facebook page at www.facebook.com/zerocarbonchallenge

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