Signs and Lighting


Street lighting is installed and maintained by SA Power Networks and paid for by Council. Street lighting is designed in accordance with Australian Standards and provided for traffic safety. It is not designed or intended for the security of adjacent property. The spread of light can be affected by tree canopies. Contact Council on 8366 9222 about the provision of lights.

Faulty street lights should be reported to SA Power Networks - Report A Faulty Street Light on 13 13 66 or via their website  On the front page of their website click on Report A Faulty Street Light and this will take you to the area where you can type in the location of the faulty light and give them specific details of the problem.


Signs provide regulation (eg. parking) and public information (street name, tourism) and are necessary for the safe and convenient movement of residents and visitors to the district.

If you are aware of damaged or missing signs, please phone Council on 8366 9222.

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