Simple Tips to Manage Waste

Avoid - waste in the first place
  • refuse junk mail if you don't care to read it
  • share magazines and newspapers. Better still, access newspapers and magazines free at the Council library
  • avoid aluminium foil and plastic wrap by covering food in the fridge and microwave with a plate or container
  • remember to take your multi-use shopping bags with you
  • buy products with no packaging
Reduce - what you throw away
  • buy products in bulk where viable to reduce packaging
  • refuse to buy over-packaged products
  • ask the manufacturer of your favourite product to package with reusable or recyclable containers
  • use both sides of writing paper and notepads
Reuse - materials in an innovative way
  • can you in any way reuse what you are about to throw out?
  • use a compost bin for food waste and make your own fertiliser
  • leaving lawn clippings on the lawn as you mow saves time, water, and fertilises your lawn
  • reuse gift wrapping paper and ribbon
  • buy refillable containers where possible
Recycle - products to save natural resources
  • rinse all containers as necessary to avoid germs and odour
  • flatten bulky items to save space
  • remove lids before placing items in your bin
  • place items loose in bin (not in plastic bags please)
  • close the loop and buy recycled products
  • turn green organics into compost
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