Why join the YAC?
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Why Join the YAC?

The opinions, views and ideas of young people are important to Council. Members of the YAC have an exciting opportunity to be involved in making decisions about matters that affect young people in the City of Campbelltown. Other benefits of joining include:

Build Social Skills
  • Develop life skills such as interacting with peers, conflict resoultion skills, problem solving and communciation
  • Be involved in purposel activities
Develop Critical Employability Skills
  •  Leadership: Be a advocate for your peers & plan and run youth events, programs and intiatives
  •  Team Work: Work with other like-minded young people
  •  Communication: Report issues, opinions and information at meetings & work with the community to make  change happen
  •  Looks great on your resume and improves your employment opportunities
  •  Gives you WORK EXPERIENCE
  •  The Youth Partcipation Officer can be a good referee
Be Involved In Your Local Council
  • Increase your knowledge of local government and Council operations
  • Work alongside the Council staff, the Mayor and Elected Members
Make New Friends
  • Meet and work with other people who have similar interests in youth affairs
  • Have fun and be involved in new and exciting activities

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Why join the YAC?