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  1. Do I Need Approval(504 kb)
  2. Development Approval(559 kb)
  3. Zones, Policy Areas and Precincts(528 kb)
  4. Map showing zones, policy area and precincts(2390 kb)
  5. Residential Zone and Dwelling Definitions(647 kb)
  6. Residential Zone - Regeneration Policy Area(105 kb)
  7. Residential Zone - Suburban Policy Area(547 kb)
  8. Residential Zone - Leabrook Drive Policy Area(548 kb)
  9. Residential Zone - Foothills Policy Area(563 kb)
  10. Residential Zone - Low Density Policy Area(718 kb)
  11. Land Division(558 kb)
  12. Suburban Activity Node Zone(678 kb)
  13. Urban Corridor Zone(680 kb)
  14. Home Based Businesses(534 kb)

Other Information Guides and Sources

ERACampbelltown Made South Australia
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